E’ semplice. Bisogna scaricare l’ultima versione di sopcast ( qualcuno dice di usare la 1.1.2 ). La si installa in Wine, poi si installa il MPLayer OSX Extended.
Si lancia sopcast traimte Wine, si mette l’indirizzo sop:// nella barra in alto e si preme enter. Si attende qualche minuto, poi si apre la location mms:// in MPlayer, si attende un paio di minuti, dopodichè le prime immagini dovrebbero apparire

Re: Sopcast for OSX – non crossover method
Posted: Mar 5, 2008 1:40 AM in response to: garoda13
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Running SopCast in OS X under tiger 10.4.11 (Intel) for free without CrossOver

Simple (-ish!) step by step guide (for everyone from beginner-intermediates on! Experts ignore the tedious instructions and leap ahead!!)

Things you need:

1) DarWine : Darwine builds for OS X

2) Old Version of Windows SopCast 1.1.2

3) MPlayer for OS X : MPlayer – The Movie Player

4) X11 from Apple Install Discs that came with your computer or version of OS X

A) Install X11

B) Install Darwine as per the instructions.

C) Run Installer to install SopCast 1.1.2

D) Install MPLayer: Choose Preferences, under miscellaneous, click use cache

E) Double click on Sopcast.exe installed in wine folder C_Drive subfolder sopcast

F) Leave Sopcast Login as anonymous, click login

G) From X11 terminal (xterm), type command: top

H) Look for PID of winehelper

e.g. 775 WineHelper 0.0% 0:0:43.23 5 etc etc etc. Thus, 775 is the PID of winehelper

I) Ctrl C to end top function in Xterm and exit screen

J) in xterm type: kill -9 (PID of winehelper) e.g. if PID = 775 – so comand is kill -9 775

K) Enter into sopcast address bar the sopcast address you want, e.g. sop://broker1.sopcast.com:3912/6001 then click on big blue button with right arrow, a non-working viewer should slide out

L) Launch MPlayer: Select open location: enter mms:// (if 8902 doesn’t work, try 8903 or 8912) Be patient, the caching could take a minute or so.

THAT’S IT! Enjoy!

For those who are interested – winehelper if left to run, in conjunction with sopcast, starts to eat up up to 99.7% of CPU resources and video stops working after about two minutes, hence the need to kill winehelper. I have yet to figure out how to launch a .exe without launching winehelper in Darwine. Anyone who knows the answer to this, I would be most interested.