Manual Removal Instructions:

Similar to the installation of a Service, some Windows Operating Systems do not automatically stop a Service when it is removed.  This may or may not cause issues when reinstalling the Service without rebooting the machine.  Therefore, it may be beneficial to access the machine’s Administrative Tools – Services  view (MMC Services Snap-In) and Stop the Client Agents before removing the Service.  This can also be accomplished from the Command Prompt via the Net Stop command.

Net Stop “DameWare Mini Remote Control”  or   Net Stop DWMRCS

Net Stop “DameWare NT Utilities 2.6”  or   Net Stop DNTUS26

Only one simple command is required to manually remove the Service:

For the DNTU Client Agent Service:

DNTUS26.EXE  -remove

For the DMRC Client Agent Service:

DWRCS.EXE  -remove

After the Service has been removed the associated files listed above can be deleted.

via How To Manually Install or Remove the Mini Remote or NT Utilities Client Agent Services.