Yafc – Yet Another FTP Client

NEW! (2005-10-06) Yafc 1.1.1 has been released. Get it at SourceForge.

NEW! (2005-03-11) Yafc is now being maintained by John Buswell. John has great experience in development, so this is a big thing for yafc. I’m confident that John will do great bringing yafc back from the dead. Expect to see new yafc releases shortly.


Yafc is yet another ftp client. It is developed under Linux, but there should be no or little problem compiling it on any Un*x which is almost POSIX compliant and have an ANSI C compiler.

Yafc version 1.1 is released! Get it at SourceForge.

Some screenshots: 1 2

Yafc is an OpenSource program (licensed under the terms of the GPL.)

Yafc is hosted at SourceForge. Visit the project page.

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