AppleScript – Working AppHaving learn’t for about two hours in getting something to work I ended up if a working AppleScript that did what I wanted. It would restart my computer into Boot Camp, have a nice shutdown by closing apps not violently killing them and not need my password but still being secure. To do this open AppleScript Editor and paste the shell script “bless -mount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/ -legacy -setBoot -nextonly” password “xxxxxxx” with administrator privilegestell application “Finder” to restartEdit both the disk which Windows is stored on and your password. Then go to File > Save As, name the application and select “Application” as the file format and select “Run Only” from the check boxes. Then save and test out your file. It should restart into window, while shutting your computer down in a timely and safe manner.Prefect, a script to do exactly what I want in a safe any easy way. The icon was produced by pasting an image into the icon in the Get Info pane of the finished AppleScript Application.

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