Is there a reasoning why the shared libraries are not build targets in the 5.1 Makefile?Theres been separate requests about this recently, on OS X as well as now Linux. Wouldnt it be enough to just have liblua.dylib and targets, in the Makefile, even if they wouldnt be normally built.This way, no machine specific ifdefs would need to be used. The people wondering “how” would see the targets, and say “make”.-askoMaybe this has been stated already – if so Im sorry it missed my eyes.On Wed, 04 Oct 2006 06:30:16 +0200 Luca <> wrote:Thomas Lefort wrote:How can I build the shared libraries from source?System is linux, so I use the make linux.Youll have to complete src/Makefile. Name the target, add it to themain list, and add a build rule, like this:LUA_SO=liblua.soALL_T= $LUA_A $LUA_T $LUAC_T $LUA_SO$LUA_SO: $CORE_O $LIB_O $CC -o $@ -shared $?Also in the main Makefile, have the shared library installed alongwith the static one:TO_LIB= liblua.a liblua.soGood luck !Thanks, that worked!Bye,Luca

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