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This helped meRe: screen sharing with apple id not working

23-nov-2011 23.06 (in response to pendlebum)

yesterday i’ve played with that issue also. Here are my results:


When you assign an appleid to your user account, you have to verify it’s properly linked. You can do so by going to the users & groups pref pane. unlock it and right click on your user account. You should see “additional options” then. Go for it. Now take a look to the “Aliases” Section. You should see the mail adress of your linked appleid there. right below there should follow a line, starting with “….”. This seems to be some kind of Unique ID of your AppleID. If this entry is present, your AppleID is correctly linked to your account. If there is only the mail adress, the linking was not successfull. In this case, make sure you have Internet connection. This is important, because the information of the AppleID must be taken from apple’s servers. so if you link the AppleID without Internet Connection, it will not work at all. After you have ensured a working internet connection, remove and reassign the AppleID to your account. After that, the entries should be OK.


When you have done this on both computers, you now should be able to connect a remote computer using your AppleID. But only for Filesharing. Screen Sharing seems not to work this way at the moment. I have played around about 2h yesterday without finding a clue to get this authentication method working.


After reading around in the web for a while, i found several posts which indicate that this feature only work, if you connect to the other mac using the IP Adress and not the hostname. Because i personally do not have the possibility to check that at the moment, maybe someone else can check this. Just go to safari and enter “vnc://IPofRemoteMac” in the adress bar. Connection should be established using IP adress then. Maybe this works


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