Automatically checkin files after uploading

In a typical document library of SharePoint MOSS2007, when use “Upload Multiple Files”, or use drag & drop in Explorer View, you can upload multiple files or folder easily. However sometimes the files are kept in “Checked out” mode and will not be available for others until they are checked in. Unfortunately SharePoint doesn’t have a “bulk check-in” function. So how do you have the files automatically checked in?

The key is in the setting “Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited” – this has to be “No”. Change it through “Document Library Settings”->”Versioning Settings”. The option is at the bottom.

Another setting that could prevent files to be auto checked in is the required columns. Make sure you turn off all mandatory columns, or give them a default value.

Other settings in “Versioning Settings” (such as Content Approval, version numbers etc) do not matter.


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